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15/03/2010 closed by hoster - today (2012) is FALSE site - name of the website is stolen from us
19/03/2010 reopened forum with links

perhaps we will change the name of the forum from UZ.UA
if this happens, then you can learn a new name on the forum

for add keys send it to,

This program is not designed for use at work place - in an age of Stuxnet/Duqu/Flame can not trust anyone, and under the guise of this program, you can slip the malicious program.

Sometimes I think I created a monster - do not put the keys in the industrial facilities!
PCS7 v8.0, TIA Poprtal, WinCC and key9999

Problems with new ALM v5

Simatic IT Business Objects Enterprise signed keys

Official FAQ

FastCopy keys v3.0

1843 keys
v2013.12.25 add some info for Simatic Net v12 //MD5: 0ade8808e789e6e704e66b0877c1c04f *Sim_EKB_Install_2013_12_25.exe
v2013.12.10 add some info for Simocode v12 // MD5: 10a0c74548ba89b80e98f2664289ba79
v2013.12.02 add some info for PDM v8.1
v2013.12.01 add some info for Softnet Security Client v4.0
v2013.05.26 add some info for WinCC v7.2
v2013.03.08 fix 1 key for TIA Portal v12
v2013.03.03 add TIA Portal v12, S7-Technology, fix Unicode bug for some new keys folder
v2013.03.01_test add TIA Portal v12 with some bug for all Unicode version from v2012.10.12
v2013.01.21 fix bug with PID v11.0 keys, add some info for D7-SYS v8.0
v2012.10.12 add Chinese language (possible Cyryllic chars in the European interfaces 🙂 ASCII > Unicode
v2012.09.29 add some info for Easy Motion v11.0, SinuTrain 4.4
v2012.07.29 add some info for PID v11.0 *but with error 🙁
v2012.07.23 add some info for Simotion Scout v4.3
v2012.07.19 add some info for Telecontrol Server Basic v2.0 and fix comment bug
v2012.07.18 add some info for PDM v6.1.
v2012.03.08 add some info for PCS7 v8.0.
v2012.02.26 add some info forWinCC Flexible 2008 SP3, Simatic Net v8.1. Fixed bug of euristic engine.
v2012.01.26 add some info for Simatic Net v8.1
14/05/2011 add some info for TIA Portal V11
15/02/2011 This internal version for testing add some keys
11/10/2010 add some info for....
10/10/2010 add one info for "SIK/ SIMATIC S5 PMC IE V7.0" ("A9S5IE70")
09/09/2010 add some info for WinCC DowntimeMonitor, WinAC, fix bug for comp and Virtual Machine with 1 HardDisk partition

09/05/2010 add keys for WinCC Flexible 2008 SP2 options v1.3, Sinaut, fixed one ALM v5 bug
20/04/2010 add some keys Safety Matrix, PCS7 powerrate, PCS7 CFC AS RT SIFPZASRPX9999A
20/03/2010 add some keys, "option Recommended" and info about closed PLC.NET.RU and reopened
26/08/2009 add keys for TIA Portal v10.5, Braumat, Maintenance Station 2009
04/04/2009 add keys for WinAC MP 2008, PCS7 v7.1
22/12/2008 add keys for WinAC 2008, Simatic Net 2008, RF-Manager 2008
20/08/2008 add keys for WinCC Flexible 2008
24/07/2008 Open FastCopy v3 key option
21/07/2008 add keys for WinCC v7.0
29/06/2008 add keys for PID Tools v5.2, D7-SYS v7.0, PowerControl, RF-Manager
14/03/2008 add keys for Simatic IT and multikey description
23/02/2008 add keys for CEMAT v7.0 , WinCC v6.2 and PCS7 v7.0
18/02/2008 add keys for Simocode 2007
15/02/2008 add keys for DocPro 5.4, WinAC MP 2007, Soft Starter 2007 and fix error for "New" folder07/12/2007 add keys for Sinema E 2006 and fix error for Motor Starter 2007 (but add bug - not install keys from "New" folder)
30/11/2007 add keys for Motor Starter 2007, Net 2007
27/11/2007 add keys for SmartLabel v3.0 HF1, WinAC/RTX 2005 SP3
07/11/2007 Add and change some Tags keys for WinCC v6.2 and PCS7 v7.0
As it in a stage of development some functions can be not completely accessible or be carried out with flaws
Direct record on a hard disk and Flash memory works. On Flash memory long keys - the list some minutes enter the name only
It is necessary to add direct record of keys on a diskette
It is necessary to correct for the list of keys
In the previous versions there were problems with some short licenses ( WinAC, SmartLabel ).
In the given version the part of problems is solved.

In far, far years Siemens has charged development of protection for the software products to StopCopy corporation. That has developed protection on the basis of the key files placed on special image to the formatted Yellow diskette - from here and the name.
Thus affirmed, that protection up to that is reliable, that " it will be reliable to preserve your investments ".
Big human thanks experts StopCopy for the done operation in the field of creation of an atmosphere of availability of products of Siemens to broad masses of programmers. It has made program and hardware solutions very popular and demanded worldwide, that has allowed to compete adequately to other manufacturers of automation even in their territory. To take for an example of the USA with and them B&R and General Electric... And accordingly has really saved up the nested investments. In fact iron equally should be bought all from Siemens.

The given program is intended for installation of keys of licenses in case of, when:
There has occurred " a rainy day of the programmer " - the system has flied together with all authorizations, and to work it is necessary, even in remote areas;
When there was a new hot product, and the heads yet does not give money for it.
Simply you wish to study for the general development.

It is developed in connection with release of version ALM 3.0 - the Authorization Licenses Manager after whom, so-called, "fastcopy" long keys of authorization have ceased to work because of their ignoring by this Authorizator.
"Fastcopy" keys could be copied simply in the directory of licenses C: AX NF ZZ. They used auxiliary "hole" in system of authorization ALM <v3.0 which have been covered with output Step7 v5.4 SP1.
Also additional coding the keys, therefore new keys have been applied are not visible in ALM v2.2.
New keys are incorrectly displayed in old versions of programs EKB_Rename, EKB_Backup and in EKB_Install <v.2007.03.03
and are not visible in ALM v1 and v2.

I do not call to use a software of Siemens in the mercenary purposes. Programs for the industrial purposes basically should be pawned in estimates of projects and be gained on money of the customer.
Very few people will come in a head to put the customer left PCS7 with the left keys and without the certificate on large production.
And for house usage probably there is nothing worse fuss with license diskettes. There were cases when the worn out firm Yellow license started to be showered for Intourist with miss of keys in far remote places without phone and the Internet.
I recommend to buy from Siemens Premium Studio 2008 for 90 euros for acquaintance with Simatic programs

[VIDEO Install key.swf]